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Love Note by She Made Me

Our Spring 2020 collection is an ode to the women who lovingly craft our pieces using centuries-old artisanal techniques.

By introducing less complex, smaller pieces in past seasons, we’ve been able to watch a selection of our lesser-skilled female artisans progress their artistry and technique season-on-season alongside our more-experienced artisans.

Each She Made Me collection has been hand-crocheted by women since the day we launched, but this season we are proud to see the efforts and evolution of our new vanguard of women artisans.

Love Note by She Made Me offers new hues of our coverted Neha Mini Dress, Neha Pant and introduces our Saira dress; a style which takes our artisans three weeks to hand-craft. 

Spring’s sun-bleached colour palette of Stone, Sari and Palm, paired with elegant yet easy-to-wear wear styles, makes for the perfect spring wardrobe.


We're on a slow, conscious journey to help improve the world we live in, while offering timeless, hand-made designs.