Motivated by a vision to create beautiful crochet garments and committed to empowering women makers, She Made Me is brought to life by founder and designer Chloé Dunlop.

Established in 2013, Chloé launched She Made Me to a market that quickly embraced her free-spirited designs and considered brand ethics. The launch reignited a global love affair with crochet and initiated a new appreciation for heritage craftsmanship that honours, rather than exploits, the artisan makers.

Each new collection is produced with a slow fashion ethos and features limited run pieces inspired by travel, exploration and escapes into nature. Native colours, landscapes, textiles and textures are woven into every collection. The handmade crochet represents love, persistence and instills a beautiful, human connection within each piece. 

With elements of romantic nostalgia and a hint of free feeling soul, She Made Me garments are designed to be timeless - evoking minimalist luxury and evolving into a suitcase staple that travels with you, to be worn time and time again.


    The name She Made Me is an homage to the Balinese women who handcraft each piece and Chloé’s grandmother, who she worked alongside to produce the very first sample. Worn and loved by celebrities, influencers and women all over the world, She Made Me women embrace adventure and an effortlessness that never goes out of style.


    A nomad at heart, with roots in Byron Bay, Chloé sources inspiration from her journeys to remote destinations, her connections with foreign cultures and her deep respect for nature. 

Effortlessly well-travelled and celebrating a free-spirited energy, She Made Me honours handcrafted artisan tradition by creating low-key, luxurious pieces designed for a lifetime of wearing.