Each She Made Me garment is ethically hand-crocheted by artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

She Made Me employs artisans who uphold centuries-old crochet techniques, ensuring new generations retain heritage skills. By teaching and employing artisans with these skills, we provide lifelong knowledge and skills for continued employment opportunities across Indonesia.

She Made Me’s ethical processes empower and provide financial independence to local women through autonomous employment opportunities. Our artisans are able to work for She Made Me from their villages, without needing to travel for work. This autonomy ensures our women artisans are able to care for their families and also provides them the opportunity to run their own businesses on the side. Since starting the business, we have seen our artisans grow with us – buying their first cars, taking their families on their first holidays and improving their livelihoods exponentially.

We are proud to offer our artisans fair pay and high-standard working environments.



The hand-crocheted nature of She Made Me means each garment takes time to physically produce. Each She Made Me style is made in limited quantities. We have never produced more than 100 pieces of a particular style, capping wholesale orders to ensure our artisans have time to produce each garment to our high standards.

Some of our hand-crocheted garments take up to three weeks to make, and small pieces like our bikini tops can take up to two days to hand-produce. Our processes demonstrate in a complete departure from modern mass manufacturing practices.

Following a slow fashion ethos is central to the She Made Me brand; it’s important for us to herald the beauty and hand-connection of our production process. It takes time for our artisans to perfect their craft, and we want to allow our creators the time to produce the most perfect garment for us.



The very first She Made Me sample was hand-crocheted by our founder Chloe Dunlop’s grandmother.

When Chloe took her sample to Indonesia to begin production, she noticed many of the skilled artisans who crocheted She Made Me’s garments were women; which is how the brand name came into being.

Empowering women, championing equality and providing women with financial independence and a balanced and safe work life will always be She Made Me’s underlying goal for all women globally. Ensuring women workers rights’ is a key screening tool when selecting new suppliers.

As producers in clothing, we have the choice to determine who makes our garments. In a male-dominated industry where women often work for minimal wage, work long hours and suffer sexual abuse, it’s important for us to choose to employ suppliers who actively work to empower women through education, employment, fair pay and security.



Each She Made Me garment is timelessly designed to remain relevant, evolving into a wardrobe staple with longevity. We focus heavily on high-quality handcraft, which preserves our garments’ lifecycle.

Our products are designed in Australia, and produced in Bali, Indonesia following strict ethical codes of conduct to ensure fair pay and high standard working environments.

As each She Made Me garment is created from balls of yarn, rather than rolls of fabric, and we only buy what is required for each piece. Our process results in no fabric wastage.



Our low production quantities and slow fashion ethos mean that sizes and styles will often sell out. She Made Me are now offering our customers the chance to engage in the creation of bespoke orders, remaking sold out styles, pieces from past collections, adjusting lengths and producing in a favourite colourway.

With longevity in mind, the Handmade to Order service allows our customers to work closely with the owner and designer, Chloe Dunlop, to create their own unique She Made Me piece, perfect for them.